Institutional Development and Organizational Strengthening

Your trainer /coach: Thomas Lewinsky
Course Duration: 03 September – 21 December 2012
(16 weeks)
Deadline for Registration: 29 July 2012
Language: English

Organizations operate in fast moving environments requiring rapid changes and improvements within tight timeframes. Institutional development and organizational strengthening (ID-OS) is a structured process to help improving the performance and operations of organizations, leading to successful change.

Target group

You are a development manager, coordinator, adviser or consultant responsible for or involved in the process of developing the capacity of your organization. You have some experience with capacity development already but want to make sure your analysis stays systematic, transparent and convincing with broad participation for full ownership

Learning objectives

  • To gain a deeper understanding of how organizations work and function
  • To be able to systematically apply practical tools to analyze an organization and its external environment
  • To learn how to translate an ID/OS analysis into concrete strategy plan of action
  • To understand the basic elements of change processes within organizations and how o get people on board
Modules Description of the modules
Module 1
Getting started!
You will get acquainted with the structure and contents of the e-learning course and its materials and learn how to navigate in the e-learning platform. You will also get to know your coach.
Module 2
Concepts and framework of ID/OS
You are introduced to the basic ID/OS concepts, definitions and processes in theory and practice. You will learn to distinguish between organizations and institutions, as well as to understand the ID/OS process and its steps.
Module 3
Basic Question and Quick scan
You will learn how to assess an organization's capacity using tools such as Basic Question and Quick Scan.
Module 4
Environmental scan
You will conduct an external analysis to get familiar with the context of your organisation using an Environmental Scan spotting opportunities and threats of relevance.
Module 5
You will apply an Institutiogramme tool to identify relevant actors in your setting and to understand the nature of these relations. This tool helps you reflect on how to change relations in the future for improved performance.
Module 6
Organizational analysis
You will take a look at the internal workings of your organization using the Integrated Organization Model (IOM) as a tool to diagnose strengths and weaknesses with an influence on performance.
Module 7
Strategic orientation and planning
You will identify strategic options based on your ID/OS analysis conducted so far. You will make informed choices and and formulate strategic goals, results and activities for your organization.
Module 8
Change management
You will be introduced to the organizational change cycle and its five major phases. You will learn how to deal with resistance when implementing organizational change.
Module 9
Evaluation and closing
Summary, end-of-course evaluation, closing.

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The sequence of the ID-OS process is


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